Temple Run 2 review.

Temple Run 2 App Review!

Temple Run 2 developed by Imangi Studios is in the Play Store for a while but many people don't know that the game has been released.

The game is same as the first one Temple Run, But the places are different. The place where you run are filled with obstacles such as fire, waterfall, rocks, sudden turns etc.

The game has definitely has better graphics than Temple Run. You have running, jumping, sliding and swinging on ropes is added to this.  It has more powerups and collecting coins isn't simple. There are new upgrades for each character. The monkey is bigger (that's what they call it)

The thing that disappoints is that when you trip the Monkey comes into screen chasing after you and it covers half the screen so you can't see what's coming. The sudden turns in the game will be difficult but a few tries then you will get the hang of it.

The new update fixed the back button otherwise you could not exit the game. There a green diamonds that can be collected which can be used later to revive your life like the wings does in Temple Run. There isn't much to talk about it, as you would have played Temple Run.

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