Google Play Books available in India.

Google Play Books now available in India, Is it Good or Bad?

I have downloaded the app and tried some free books, the app seems to be working pretty good. A bit of of a lag here and there but hope they fix it with the a update. All the new books are available for download and there are lot of free books to download so you can check them out. 

A new tab has arrived in the Play Store. There are no magazines available for subscription hope they bring it soon. The categories are excellent sames as that for the apps. 

The app's interface is good. There are three themes Day, Night and Sepia. And Six Typefaces (font) Default, Sans, Serif, Merriweather, Sorts Mill Goudy and Vollkorn.

The app eats up a huge amount of space but luckily this app can be sent to the sdcard but if you are using a low memory space Smartphone, you have to make up space for this app.

Unlike the Amazon Kindle app instead of downloading and reading a book you can directly read it. As the book store is within the Play Store it is very easy to find books. You can access the books even using an iPhone or iPad.

Overall the app performs good but is it actually competitive with the Flyte ebooks by Flipkart and Amazon Kindle?  


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