HTC M7 to feature an awesome Camera.

HTC kicks off a new sound and camera experience in 2013!

HTC has always taken special care of the camera that goes into its handsets, and today the company posted a neat little infographic showcasing the history of photography. There are some interesting facts (and comments on HTC’s part) that make it work a look, but the bottom leaves an interesting hint with a big “?” for 2013.

This is less of a hint and more of a blatant attempt at getting some attention for the M7. And guess what? It’s working. The HTC M7 is bound to be one hell of a phone when it’s released, so we don’t see a problem when we see HTC “hinting” at something that it’s proud of. Expected to be announced at the upcoming events on the 19th in New York and London, the HTC M7 will feature some powerful innards, and you guessed it, a badass camera.

So while you (im)patiently await the official announcement of the HTC M7, take a look at the  infographic below.

Open the pic in a new tab to view it larger.

Sources say that HTC was apparently looking to drop megapixels from the M7 handset in favour of ultrapixels to provide higher resolution images in a similar way to Nokia's PureView technology.

Coupled with today's news, it looks pretty likely that we will see the HTC M7 sporting fancy new camera tech later this month, with previous reports suggesting it will also feature a quad-core processor, full HD 4.7-inch display and Android Jelly Bean.

TechRadar sources say that HTC might conduct the event on Feb 19th.

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