Two Days, Three Events.



HTC event that is going to take place in NYC 10AM ET/3PM GMT (according to verge). New pictures keep surfacing about the new HTC device that is going to be unveiled today. Its was called the "M7" but sources say it will be called as the "HTC One". A picture uploaded by HTC shows it might unveil a tablet too, let us not get our hopes high.


Ubuntu is gearing to unveil its tablet, where is phone was unveiled in the CES 2013. This event is going to coincide with HTC's event. Checked both websites, the countdown difference is by one second. The Ubuntu OS got good reviews and bad reviews, as it was a gesture filled OS. Lets see what Ubuntu brings in the Tablet side.


Sony is going to unveil its Playstation 4 on 20/02/13 that is tomorrow. According to Wall Street Journal sources, Sony's new console will introduce cross-platform play, meaning the console may interact with other hardware including smartphones. The leaked images of the controller shows it has a screen, lets hope for the best.

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