Dalton the awesome game review!

Dalton the awesome for WindowsPhone, iPhone, iPad, and Nokia Phones.

This game is available for devices running WindowsPhone, iOS, and some Symbian devices. The game has crayon drawing Background, the aim is to score more that is covering huge distances like in temple run, subway surfer etc. But whats different in the game is its 2D so its kinda like Mario Bros. with zombies.

Yes, it has zombies. Both Dalton and the zombies are stick figures. You get special powers in this game, you get a gun, a skateboard etc. and you become a giant and start squishing zombies.

This game may seem old school with games with higher graphics are stacking up. But this game surely addictive with the running, jumping, shooting, squishing with a cool background music. If you play the game with full volume, your friends will ask you " Are you playing a horror game on your phone???". The Music is absolutely awesome.

The Bad thing about this game is, it is not available for Android and Rim (Blackberry devices). And its a paid app for iOS alone. If you want to check it out click below.


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Download for WindowsPhone:

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