HTC M7 revealed!

More Leaks of the HTC M7; This One Might be the Real Deal.

Android Police has gotten their hands on some pictures of the actual device.

Lately, we’ve seen so many leaks, renders and rumors of the HTC M7. So it’s definitely coming soon. Now the strange part on the picture shown above, is that they have switched the Home and Recents buttons. Why can’t HTC just use on screen buttons? As we said earlier, this device looks a lot like the Droid DNA on Verizon, or the J Butterfly in Japan. But there are some notable differences from the Droid DNA and the M7. For instance on the M7 the flash is on the other side, and the HTC logo is glossy black opposed to embedded Chrome on the Droid DNA.

We’ve also got screenshots of HTC Sense 5.0. Which we’ve heard has been scaled back even more. But it still looks a bit odd, right? Although in the screenshots it shows that the version of Sense and Android are protected, so we can’t actually see what version this particular device is running.

As you can see the softkeys has been switched the home button and the multi-tasking button have been switched. Sources say that the HTC Sense 5.0 will be very light.

Htc sense 5.0 dialer and keyboard pics.

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