Launcher 8, WindowsPhone 8 for Android.

Get WindowsPhone 8 on your android device.

I just installed the app yesterday and the app is just amazing. Its one of the best launchers you could find on play store and the only launcher that looks like the new WindowsPhone 8.

Launcher 8 in app of the week.

The app is developed QiHang Dev Team. There is another developer who developed Launcher 7 which looks like the WindowsPhone 7 also did a great job.

The launcher is kind of andro-windowsphone because you can pin widgets as a tile which is pretty cool. The UI is great, there are 20 colors to choose from, with two background colors black and  white and also you can add a wallpaper as background. The lockscreen has four different styles to choose from like the lumia series. 

The tiles can be re-sized into 3 sizes and some tiles upto 20 sizes, yes i didn't say that wrong you can re-size most of the tiles to 20 sizes. The app has an in-built icon pack which you can change your default icon look.


The app drawer has three styles the Android style, Windows 8 and WindowsPhone 8. You also have the HTC clock tile which only comes on HTC WinsowsPhone devices.

There is no WindowsPhone like status bar but you can hide your status bar. The tiles has missed call/mesage count that shows your missed calls and messages that you have not seen. Unlike the WindowsPhones you can add folders to your start screen which is just makes this launcher more and more amazing.

The launcher size is very small so even gingerbread devices can run this launcher, I hope the creators create more updates and make this app a the coolest launcher. There is no donate version but i think in the future they will make this a paid app.

If you use this mostly you will fall in love with WindowsPhone 8, the interface will not be as smooth as the real WindowsPhone.

Download for android:

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