Alphajax App review!

Alphajax for WindowsPhone app review.

This app is published by Kanda Holdings Ltd and Microsoft bought it from them i think and it is a Xbox Companion or Xbox game for WindowsPhone and it is free. This is an Award-Winning game.

This app works on WindowsPhone 7.5 and WindowsPhone 8. The app has ads which is a bit annoying but a free Xbox game on a WindowsPhone who cares.

The app is definitely better than words with friends. There are both online and offline game modes and the in the offline mode you can select the difficulty. And there is a offline multiplayer that you can play with your friends.

You can shake the phone to shuffle the tiles. The interface looks good, Smooth gameplay and there is Dictionary support.

It is available only in English. There are two big cons, The first one is when keep a word it shows the score that you are gonna get but if it is a wrong word still it shows the score but when you play the word if its wrong it shows that you cant play the word. The second one is that this app is only available on WindowsPhone alone no other platforms including Windows 8. Otherwise this is an awesome game for WindowsPhone.

Similar games are Words with Griends and Spell It. Lets hope Alphajax comes to Windows RT and Windows 8 in the future.


Download app for WindowsPhone:

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